Treatment Vouchers
Voucher Full body massage 50 min
There are many conditions that call for a full body massage: Tension in certain parts of the body, but also the desire for holistic relaxation for body and mind. Various classic massage techniques provide relief and relaxation on their journey through the body and are ideal for strengthening the musculoskeletal system.
€ 88.00
Voucher Classical manicure 40 min
Beautifully manicured, delicate hands are a great calling card: This classic manicure starts with a fragrant essence bath, followed by nail shaping and polishing. The treatment is rounded off with final hand and nail care, which can also be booked with varnish in your personal favourite colour.
€ 68.00
Voucher Classical pedicure 40 min
Show us your feet: Well-groomed feet not only look beautiful in open shoes. This classic pedicure begins with a soothing foot bath, followed by nail shaping and polishing, and is rounded off with foot and nail care. If you wish, you can also have your toenails painted in the latest trendy colour.
€ 68.00
Voucher Partial body massage 25 min
This professionally coordinated massage technique focuses specifically on one area of the body: the back or legs. The muscles are loosened with gentle pressure. This not only promotes circulation. It can also relieve tension and muscular blockages. Well-being with an effect!
€ 48.00
Voucher thermal deep Facial care 50 min
With their deep action, the pure ingredients of our exclusive “thermal deep” products lend a vital and healthy skin. Embraced in the scent of Ötztal nature and its herbs. The facial, neck and décolleté treatment pampers with pore-deep cleansing, intensive face mask and final care. Eyebrow shaping included.
€ 88.00
Voucher Thermal Deep Relaxation-Massage 50 min
Surrounded by high peaks, breathe in the scent of the Alps: This relaxing full-body massage with high-quality alpine oil from our “thermal deep” signature line is scented with Ötztal herbs. It can relieve tension and muscular blockages, promote circulation and boost the immune system.
€ 88.00